Pikeys in Australia.

Sounds like a good idea , fly over to Aussie for the UK winter ,throw a bit tarmac around , when the complaints start coming in fly back to Ireland , its got to be more fun than being a desk jockey ....wheres my passport.


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I loved this bit...

The second man, 25, was questioned at Chatswood Police Station before being released.

Outside the station he verbally abused a group of police and punched the camera of a television network before throwing his court papers on the ground and storming off.
Nothing like taking defeat gracefully...

I'm reminded of the chap who bought a remote cottage as a second home and got a quote from the Gas Board to run a gas pipe into the property. The quote was for many thousands of pounds and after putting the word out he was approached by two men who quoted a fraction of the Gas Board price so he accepted. They said it would take a weekend to do the work and suggested he go away for a few days while they carried out the work and pay them on his return. This he did and was well satisfied with the new gas cooker and central heating going like the clappers on his new gas supply. A few days later his heating went off and his cooker would not light, no gas was coming through. He walked outside and saw that some earth had been disturbed near the cottage, he dug down a foot or so and uncovered an empty Calor Gas bottle and a length of rubber tubing running into the cottage and connected to his appliances Of the two workers there has been no sign from that day to this. CAVEAT EMPTOR.
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