Pikeys go home.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BiscuitsAB, Aug 27, 2010.

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    I've often said that as ireland exported its problem by subtly changing the law about roadside parking and overnight stays then we should go through the campsites and anyone who cant prove UK residence (I'll happily ban the Irish passport holders until they get an easy visa related to work) should be rounded up and sent home only we should charge them for the effort, not give the 300 euros like the soft frogs do. They will only spend it on untaxed cars to drive back again. In fact I'd also charge them clean up fees.
    At least the Tories are stopping the building of more camps for them. Make them feel so very unwanted, withdraw all their legal funding and see how long they stay!
  3. How awful, I think we should despatch 2 x 747s pronto and bring them here - I have a spare room.

    All married couples should adopt a 'roma' kid or 3.

    By the way, I can't come tree hugging the 2nd week-end in september, my arms are still sore from the poison ivy at Aldermaston last time.
  4. Well done les frogs!

    let's see similar action here as well.

  5. Well done Frenchies!

    Should adopt something similar down here in South Gloucestershire. There's thousands of the buggers.
    All this equalities rubbish gets on my tits in situations like these
  6. Unfortunately, that just means they stay where they are. We have a "traveller" family who bought an acre on the edge of the village and moved in. They lost planning permission a couple of years back, and on appeal were granted time-limited permission to stay but only for 2 years. That's about to come up and their new planning request is based on the argument that "since the Council have taken no steps to provide authorised sites they have no choice but to stay where they are".

    The obvious answer of "if you're Travellers then f*ing get Travelling" doesn't seem to work!
  7. Sorry lads, looks like there's even more of them on the way over

    Travellers camp ahead of Pope visit
    Thursday, August 26 07:18 pm

    Irish travellers hoping to be blessed by the Pope on his visit to the UK next month have set up camp in a historic beauty spot, a councillor said. Around 16 families moved onto a field next to Sarehole Mill in Hall Green, Birmingham, on Tuesday, telling local councillor Martin Mullaney they were in the city to attend Pope Benedict XVI's open-air mass in Cofton Park on September 19.

    The landscape, a childhood haunt of JRR Tolkien, is believed to have provided inspiration for the author's Lord of the Rings trilogy.

    Cllr Mullaney said the travellers told him they had made their way from County Donegal and had no idea the service was ticketed. Pilgrim passes have been allocated to parish priests who will distribute them to parishioners at a cost of £25 each.

    Cllr Mullaney said: "About 16 families moved onto one of our historic parks which has links to JRR Tolkien so I went along to see them. I asked them what they were doing in Birmingham and what they said to me was, 'We've come here to see the Pope because we want to get his blessing at the mass in Birmingham'. When I asked them if they had pilgrim passes, the response was, 'What passes?'

    "Our fear now is that there is a huge community of Irish travellers on their way so we want to be proactive and make it clear that there are no spaces available. The pilgrim passes have all already been allocated to parish priests, and there will be no admission to the mass without a pass."

    Cllr Mullaney, Birmingham City Council cabinet member for leisure, sport and culture, said council officials met with police and representatives of the Catholic Church today to work out how to deal with the situation. The travellers were told to leave the field off Wake Green Lane in Hall Green on Tuesday but simply relocated in a park across the road.

    A seven-day eviction notice has now been served and the families are being encouraged to moved onto a disused car-park in the Moseley area of Birmingham.

    Cllr Mullaney said the council was working on proposals to arrange temporary authorised sites where travellers would be permitted to stay for the duration of the Pope's visit, adding that Catholic priests were set to visit the travellers to reiterate the position on pilgrim passes.

    A Birmingham City Council spokeswoman said: "Attendance at the mass in Cofton Park is by pilgrim pass only and these are being issued through the Roman Catholic Church by local parish priests. The arrival of pilgrims will be by coach only and timed according to an agreed programme to ensure ease of access and departure. Anybody without a pass will not be allowed inside the park."
  8. The Italians did a similar thing a few months ago. A diverse, vibrant, multicultural encampment sprang up around Naples railway station. By pure coincidence, instances of theft and rape in the area went through the roof. The good folks in the camp were invited to return to their homeland by a number of police officers who just happened to be walking their sabre toothed police dogs at the time.

    What's the legal basis for this? I always though EU citizens had an absolute right to be in any EU country.
  10. Make trespassing a criminal rather than a civil offence. Problem solved. Simples
  11. Paintballs. That is all.
  12. The right of residence for more than six months remains subject to certain conditions. Applicants must:

    either be engaged in economic activity (on an employed or self-employed basis);

    or have sufficient resources and sickness insurance to ensure that they do not become a burden on the social services of the host Member State during their stay. The Member States may not specify a minimum amount which they deem sufficient, but they must take account of personal circumstances;

    or be following vocational training as a student and have sufficient resources and sickness insurance to ensure that they do not become a burden on the social services of the host Member State during their stay;


    Member States may adopt the necessary measures to refuse, terminate or withdraw any right conferred by this Directive in the case of abuse of rights or fraud, such as marriages of convenience.

    Edited to add - this as well

    Union citizens or members of their family may be expelled from the host Member State on grounds of public policy, public security or public health.

    Right of Union citizens and their family members to move and reside freely within the territory of the Member States
  13. I hope the Pope takes the time to remind them of one the ten commandments they can't seem remember: "Thou shalt not steal!"
  14. As a humanitarian, I find it shocking the amount of animosity and hatred these sweet travelling bohemian artists provoke. I think they should be protected. A 3-metre high electrified chainlink fence around each and every encampment should suffice. That gateways don't appear on my blueprints is the kind of oversight that would only be noticed after construction, and would, of course have to be referred to local council planning committees, taking up to two years. I'm sure our Roma friends will understand.