Pikeys get a shower...

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by ExPadBrat, May 1, 2006.

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  1. Read this in The Scum today and haven't stopped laughing.

    Any of you got up to antics like this and got away with it as well??
  2. Good on him.
  3. Typical load of shite from The Scum (pardon the pun).

    I wouldn't say he got away with it or was particularly successful, it appears he's been plagued by them for years and on this occasion was assaulted (resulting in concussion) whilst undertaking some criminal damage of his own.

    Fair play to him though, but he wants to avoid getting caught next time ...
  4. Well done to the guy, good way to move the scum on and get them back to the thing that they do best.........wasting life. :D

    Personally I think that they should get JOBS......I know, probably a foreign language to them. Try it pikeys....you may like it? :twisted:

  5. I'd say he won when they complained to the police and got told to move on!!
  6. Yeah, of course they'll not be back in a hurry, that showed 'em ...

    ... good thing they don't bear grudges and have short memories, eh ... ?
  7. I like to think that if I was assaulted with an iron bar to the back of the napper causing a laceration and concussion, that the Civvy Bill would do a bit more than tell my attacker to 'move on' ... :roll:
  8. Not unless he can identify his attacker and is willing to press charges no they can't. Or do you honestly think they're going to put their hands up and admit to it?!
  9. So, lets say he can identify his attacker ? You're saying the police are powerless ? No other authorities involved ?

    If Mr Hollis thought he was doing the right thing, then why didn't he have someone recording (filming) that mornings activities ?

    If Plod weren't interested then at least he'd have something to sell to Sky.
  10. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    The's was a pikey camp up the top of the Springfield Rd /Monagh BP here in Belfast & they've given all the pikey's nice new houses in a new estate (tee junction between the garages in Twinbrook) & in my civvie job,I'm a cable engineer.
    Anyway,I was doing a job the other week & the bloke had had his car burgled 3 times.He know's who done it-The pikeys over the way.
    My next job was ,unfortunatly,in the pikeys home!
    And I could'nt hardly understand a word they said.Did'nt stop them trying to get me to do extra work like tv extensions for nowt.
  11. You'll be glad that the Gov have given them £33m since 2001 and are planning to give them another £56m between now and 2008 ...