Pikeys break into RAF Regiment Depot & steal equipment !!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Killaloe, May 22, 2009.

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  1. Yeah, amusing story on PPrune but we are talking about widely dispersed abandoned bits and pieces, on a site much larger than the average barracks, which has not been an operational airfield for what - fifteen years?
  2. What the RAF really need is some personnel who responsible for the security of RAF sites. Maybe they could apply to the MOD for some aggresive looking gnomes.
  3. But it does signal a wider malaise with relation to the RAF Regiment's views on security of kit. I give you the loss of weapons and ammunition in Iraq from... the RAF Regiment's armoury, in the RAF Regiment's compound, in the COB, protected by the RAF Regiment. This layered defence thing is [insert suitable phrase].
  4. I say it was an insider job................ have you seen where RAF Regiment recruit from!!!
  5. Well, it's not a problem confined to just the Rockapes: Pikies distroyed a police helicopter just a few weeks ago.

    Gypsies; living proof that Adolf had at least one good idea... :twisted:
  7. Doesnt the MPGS guard Honington now?
  8. terroratthepicnic

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    I think this is a despicable(sp) crime. They should be hung for stealing of the RAf like that.

    Where are the lads from the RAF Regt going to get their high viz vests and hand warmers from now? Discusting.
  9. RAF police.(At least it was last time I was at Depot)

    The RAF Regiment does not stag on in the UK.(although they may contribute one or two crows to a stations guard when the scuffers are on their hols.)
  10. Nothing new, Bassingbourn lost some Pigs that were used as targets on the 66mm range. Just drove in put them on the back of a truck and drove out. Also lots of beds (old metal one) form the emergency stores.
  11. Your out of touch chum. The RAF Police no longer routinely do gate guard and havent for a few years, its all MPGS and Stn Guards in the UK. Unless of course they are rostered as guards, same as the crows.
  13. Reading the link, the lights weren't nicked from the airfield. It was the approach lights which were in the fields surrounding the old airfield and not MOD property.

    Seeing as Honington hasn't been a flying unit since the mid-90's, hardly a biggie.