pigsey (pete) ryder

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by always-ARMD, Aug 18, 2007.

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  1. anyone know where this pi55ed up old goat is am tryin to get back in touch with the orrible little creature
  2. Pete is out and living back home.

    He got punted in 2004 for being a pisshead!!!

    I dont have his number but might be able to get hold of him!!

    Peter '8 Ace' Ryder,, the Corps premier drunken blind CVRT Driver!! 8O

    He's a legend! 8)

  3. Agreed. Seen him many a time walking to the pub at 8 o'clock (in the morning).
  4. i take it he could be a what used to be known as a "character"
  5. What a shame that the PC brigade killed off the characters! A couple I remember are Dave "Gopper" L*** and the mild mannered electrician who masquraded as Captain RE and Magic Wond.

    All guys who could make me p++s myself laughing with a few "off the cuff comments".
  6. Dave L*** - Gopper,
    Captain RE - Mad
    Magic Wand - Gopper and Mad
  7. Pete is a Character,,without a doubt and a good Sapper also!!! :D Its just a pity he could not stay off he drink.

    After he got punted pete wa bored and sat at home, he decided o go on a Drinking Holiday in Hameln.

    The next day (after the local fuzz dropped him off) he was found in 64 Sqns Recce Tp lines by the SSM :lol: :lol:

    Needless to say he was escorted off the premisis! :) :)
  8. I'd much rather have a troop of characters than a troop of admin cases any day. Bring back the likes of Andy J***** and Dave D****. Both were good old fashioned Engineers who liked a sniffter or two. Nothing wrong with that, if you can't remember it ... it never happened!!!
  9. i had the pleasure of working and drinking with the mighty pigsy when at ripon. you was a legend and a gentleman, its a shame the so called grown-ups had to boot him out but his memory lives on
  10. Pigsy was a legend, he was in our troop at Ripon i had the pleasure/misfortune of a couple of memorable jolly's with the lad. Kenya and Batus, needless to say He lived up to all expectations and beyond on both. Missing for 3 days in his jogging bottoms and Boro shirt on one occasion.
    There's also the time we got back to the block after a night shift on guard to find him unconscious next to an empty bottle of southern comfort.
    Not forgetting the CFT where he hid in the drying room getting his head down.
    I wish him all the best in the world and would love to see the old scrote again if anyone manages to track him down.

    It was his fluent German when he was in a drunken stupour that scared me like :lol:
  11. Has anyone seen or know what Gopper is up to, he seems to of vanished!
  12. Hello Chaps,

    Desperately Seeking Pigsy... :D

    Looking to get him to come down to the Army v Navy game at Twickenham on 03-May-08 for what will be the mother of all reunions with a number of other orphans from 8AES.

    Any info greatly appreciated.


  13. HAHAHAHA I remember the drying room incident. Lost count of the times when on guard that we were called out to escort him back to camp only to be called out again two hours later after he had managed to sneak out in the boot of someones car. What a Legend.
  14. Even better. He appeared on morning on time for parade but looking like he was about to drop dead. When a certain 1 troop staffy remarked that he looked like shoite he replied:

    "Yeah i ran out of vodka last night and no one had any, so i now have too much blood in my alcohol stream"

    Resulted in him behind the guard that night which he turned up for pissed. :D
  15. Would that be a certain Scouse 1 troop staffy?

    If anyone tracks Pigsy down please let me know as i'd love to introduce him to some of my civvy friends who think they can drink :D