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Pigs eat farmer as he goes to feed them

Easily done if you have a sounder of the buggers around you. If they know you over in the muck it can be almost impossible to get back up. When you watch a boar munching a cows legbone you realise that they will make very short work out of a human. At least the lentil munchers cannot accuse him of not feeding his pigs.
I once knew of a kunikuni pig called Horace , who when given his bucket of swill every evening would put his front trotters on the top fence rail and give you the softest, darkest, most doe-like eyes in the direction of the bucket... Mind you, the tusks on him could zip you right open if you pissed him off.. Makes you wonder about farmers in general really, all those little 'accidents' that happen during 'quiet discussions' that can be covered up by an innocent face and a well-fed pig..


I think Farmer Giles just wanted his 15 minutes of fame.
Shoving his snout in the trough, and hogging the limelight, the ham fisted cunt :)
Would you eat sausages knowing that pigs ate another human being? Would it be classes as in-direct cannibalism??
Most of us probably have eaten human-fed pigs anyway. How could we ever be sure we haven't?

Loads of people have gone missing over the years so it's a distinct possibility.

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