Pigs Disco

Squaddies drinking heavily and shagging any woman available? I'm shocked I am!

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I can imagine that, being written by an ex-para, it will be like a crayoney 'pop-up' version of Steven Preece's masterfully written and searing insight into the Marines.

Mark The Convict

Can you sound like Squeaky? All together now children, let's make our Squeaky sound! Ready? Eek!
Yawn. :desertsoldier: In other news it is reported that bears still shit in the woods - AND DON"T INTEND TO STOP!! :omg: :omfg:

Here's THAT RIFLE again;

SLR Rifles.jpg

Now this looks a bit sketchy: Nekkid Bar warm-up maybe? :?

Naked Bar Ireland.jpg
Stuart Griffiths' book Pigs' Disco is available now from Ditto Press......

Piss poor publicity stunt

No jundie-slotting and no black nasty? Sounds rivetting.
Drug addict writes book. Gripping book I'm sure but, like the author, best put in a shredder.
Do you think Ditto Press would buy my truly crap story of my cold war warrior days as well. booze, birds, nakedness, man toys in a slightly military setting since it was crab air. I'll even mention the unmentionable rifle.

The pitch..

For 13 years , Almost immediately nothing happens with a bit of playing with really expensive flying toys and the game of "we'll win the coming war against the might of the USSR" by hiding in a ditch from a 100 megaton bucket of instant sunshine protected by a noddy suit 4 times a year. I know the greens and dark blue and a few of crabair had that thing down south but i missed all that. I smell riches...


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"At the height of the Troubles ... during the late '80s and early '90s."

Yeah right. Nuff said.
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