Pigs Blood Fags - Fact or Fiction?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by JoeCivvie, Apr 12, 2010.

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  1. There is a 'news' story going around the internet that:

    "Smokers may be getting a lot more than they bargain for when lighting up — like inhaling traces of pig’s blood. Pig hemoglobin is sometimes used in cigarette filters, according to recent Dutch research reported by The Daily Telegraph — a disclosure that is bound to upset many devout Muslims and Jews."

    Interestingly, searches on the DT site for both pigs and cigarettes doesnt' bring anything up.
  2. What a waste of good "Black Pudding"
  3. Not a problem unless you're some weird veggie type person or believe some skyfairystory telling you to avoid the flesh of the pig.

    mmmmm... bacon flavour cigs......
  4. I was rather hoping it was true, as it must be positively nanoseconds since the Muslims were outraged about something, and you know how they like to be outraged.
  5. Oh yes, how good would this be if it was true!!!!! :D
  6. That's it! Now we'll have to knock 20 minutes off the CFT time to counter the future increased healthiness of our opponents.
  7. Is that it?? Right, I'm going for the untipped Woobines in that case :D
  8. We go on about the price of cigarettes, but that seems quite good value. And packed into such a small container. :)
  9. Just had another thought on this.

    Didn't the rumor of pig fat once cause a bit of ruckus that ended up with a few hundred muslims spread eagled over the business end of cannons? Those that weren't bayoneted or simply hanged that is.

    Maybe we shouldn't rubbish the idea quite that quickly?