Pigs barred from the trough!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Abdiel, Jan 16, 2011.

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  1. This is the sort of article that cheers you up no end even if it probably won't happen.
    Apparently Call me Dave is trying to block MPs from recieving a 1K weekly pay rise who are Oinking in outrage!
    Scandalous isn't it first expenses taken and now this soon there will be no joy of being an MP.
    MPs revolt as Cameron bids to block £1K pay rise | Mail Online
  2. I had to wipe the purple piss my heart was weeping off the keyboard before I could type this...

    People in the majority of jobs will be lucky if they see a pay rise of more than a few quid a week, and many won't see any increase at all. If the MP's don't like it, they can always resign and take their chances in the real world. I'm fairly confident there would be no shortage of applicants for the vacancies. £65,000 PA and perks for indoor work with no heavy lifting? Hold me back.
  3. It doesn't change my objection to it on principle but the article says it's a £1k increase in annual salary that's been proposed which is ~£20 a week. In any event accepting it would be a politically suicidal act for any MP who thinks his or her constituents either won't notice, or don't care. We will, and we do.

  4. Do not underestimate an MP's ability to extract cash out of anything discreetly.
  5. They will have to get plenty of things like this in the media so the public believe they are being good boys and girls. In reality they will steal money one way or another but cover it up better. It may be time to write some new laws.
  6. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Unfortunately, most MPs (especially Labour ones) know that their electorate will vote them back in regardless of what they do. They could be serial rapists but unless they piss off their party or constituency apparatchiks they are safe.

    I have emailed my MP (Labour) who is in her first session as an MP. It will be interesting to see what her reply/excuse will be. She already has the highest expenses claim for MP in my area - mid Scotland.
  7. What annoys me with this is that I don't understand why the MPs consider themselves any different from all the other civil servants, paid out of the public purse, who are subject to the 'No payrises, yours Nick and Dave' letter that was sent around last year. I suspect a fair few of us on this site got that!

    Oh yeah, I've remembered now, it's because they're 'speshul', right?
  8. I hope that Call-Me-Dave is successful, however I doubt this...... Once Our Elected Boyes and Girls go through the entrance of Parliament, they all seem to suffer from this collective illness called 'Delusions of Grandeur'.

    However some good news, one hopes to offset this bullshi*te......

    Six more MPs are facing fraud investigations over their expenses after being ‘shopped’ to police by a disgruntled Labour colleague, it was reported last night.
    The MP was said to be angry that he was unfairly singled out over his own expenses claims.
    According to reports, the six politicians – who cannot be named for legal reasons – include one ex-Labour Cabinet Minister, two Labour MPs, one Liberal Democrat and two Tories.
    The whistle-blowing MP is from a Northern constituency and is not one of four politicians awaiting trial.
    It is said to be the first time that an MP has accused colleagues of making false claims.

    Read more: MP accuses six others over their expenses | Mail Online
  9. My old man got really pissed off with MP's after WWII (ex CPO RN) and said that they were like bananas, came in green, turned yellow and were invariably bent.......same old story.
  10. Funny I never heard DA's called the Ferrero Rocher club and the idea that they advise on tactics is ******* laughable. And WTF has the number of Brigadiers and Major Generals got to do with the number of Brigades and Divisions? None!
  11. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Fatuous (leave alone the populist reporting). In such and such a country we field a Major and everyone else puts up a Brigadier - who gets listened to? Quite apart from ensuring that the officers we send have sufficient experience and education (eg Staff course etc) to do the job, which includes keeping eyes and ears open, and making sense of what is seen and heard. Does Fox expect these lucky junior officers to pay for official entertaining out of their own pocket? Are their children to go to a local school run in a language they don't speak?
  12. I agree with all of your observations, but it remains a fact that the services are pitifully top heavy and carry a rank structure more in line with a force five times bigger.
  13. How about making manifesto promises legally binding?
  14. A manifeso should begin with 'once upon a time....'