Pigeon decoys

Should be doing some pigeon shooting in a week or so. What decoys has anyone had most success with?

I've used shell decoys but they only brought in juveniles. Adults seemed to twig the difference. (They are a bit too large and blue too...)

Sometimes I've had great success with no decoys.

I was thinking about some sort of flapper or mover.

Any suggestions from first hand experience?
Taffnp said:
My mate uses one he has shot then props his wings out with twigs he says that seems to work
Yes that does work well once they are coming in. I was thinking of a flapper to attract them to the general area.
Try looking at SILLOSOCKS, they're a bit pricey but if you google them you can see the buggers at work, although I think a bit of clever editing has been done, failing that I've always had luck on the shell deeks, using all the best methods of windage and using natural material for the hide. I've also been out with people who keep dead birds in the freezer, then put them out as deeks on the next shoot. Depends if you want pigeon genocide or just a days shoot with an "average" bag at the end of the day.


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