Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BFG 9000, Jul 27, 2005.

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  1. Greetings all,

    A while ago, I obtained the domain name http://www.pigboard.co.uk (EDIT - It's no longer just sitting idle).

    I'd like suggestions from the floor, as to exactly what you would want to see there.
    Do you want it to be a free for all where anyone can post any pictures they like?
    Or do you want me to bin anything that has obviously been found on the tinterweb?
    Do you want a Babe board alongside it?
    Do you want to be able to rate the pictures as at http://www.hotornot.com?

    I'll obviously need some starter material too, so please post links (or the pictures themselves) in this thread or PM/email (pics@pigboard.co.uk) me if you want to remain anonymous.


  2. Sounds good.

    So, any arrsers out there who have camera phones and happent to pork a pig (no puns about fat ugly police women please) get her snapped and on the site?

    What do you reckon BFG?
  3. You're onto a winner there with that domain and should have no trouble filling it up with 10 to 2ers. I'll dig out one of my ex wife for starters
  4. And if it was real? Sadly, I have porked a fat ugly woopsie :oops:
  5. yes need to be able to vote! bogging on scale of 1 to 10

    i want some where to put the ugly men!

    yes have a babe board

    ill be your first pig :)

    blondy :p
  6. DB we all know youre stunning so dont lie!
  7. thanks hogspawn im touched!

    and im sure your cute enough to stay off the bogging man board :)

    can i see your scars?
  8. of course, can i see your.................er nevermind ;)
  9. Fat-chick dating site, of course. Big girls need love too.

    Think of it as a public service. Don't know what the tax laws about this in the UK are like, but if they have a charitable donation credit, you could probably write off most of your personal expenses toward building and maintaining it.

    And if I find a pic of myself under "No-Strings-Attached Fun" I'm going to be annoyed. :twisted:
  10. How about separate pages for "T'interweb Hunnies" and "Real Life Hippocrocadillapigs"? As my pic's in the ARRSE Gallery I think that means that I qualify to appear on both! :roll: :D
  11. Porn and beer.
  12. I love it - BFG tells us it's just sitting idle, yet 24 of us immediately travel to said site to make shure he's not fibbing! :)

    Good work BFG!
  13. Right peeps, That one doesn't look like it's going to work particularly well.
    It seems that you are supposed to only upload a picture of yourself, & as such, you can only upload 1 picture.

    I'll have a scout around for a better script. PLease feel free to let me know if you see one anywhere........
  14. But this one will......


    Fill your boots boys & girls.
    If anyone fancies having a go at the logo, please feel free.
    I'll make any tweaks that are needed as and when they are requested (here or email).