No need to worry fellow ARRSE Janner Members.

Humbug & Truffle the two missing 'Pub Porkers' (Pig-Napped last week) have turned up safe and well :D

"But mystery still surrounds the exact circumstances of the pet pigs' disappearance last week, and the ransom message that followed demanding £200 to save their bacon. :lol: "

I wonder :? There was a siggy in 1980 who got sent away from NI for stealing pigglets when he was doing comms for RE search teams. He used to rock up after the fact with a pigglet in the back of his cab if they ever searched a farm with those animals on it.

Apart from that he was normal..ish.
Does anyone remember the guy, a corporal I think who was in mctc Colchester in 94 for having unatural relations with a pig? Think he stayed in
for having unatural relations with a pig?

So every burd you have slept with is a princess then :?
That picture was the woman he pulled, my god, had it not been for becky in 3 para mess I would have done her one night, a cold night in Belfast, does anyone know if becky still works in 3 para mess, lovely girl, great lay, shoulda setlled down there I feel, but hey ho, I may go down chicagos, see if she's stills bout


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Pigs and Plymouth and no NSFW tag. This site is going to the fucking dogs.

I resign.
A guy walks into his bedroom with a sheep under his arm.He says,"This is the pig I have to sleep with every night" The wife replies "That's a sheep" Guy says "I was talking to the sheep"
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