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Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by detmold_padbrat, Oct 21, 2011.

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  1. Anyone on here had any experience with Pigs ? (not the 2 legged kind in nightclubs..)

    Ive got some land under apple trees, and a mate who wants to go halves with fencing and feed and set up costs.

    Im in the UK, and have no neighbours. Just thinking of a few weaners to kick off with.

    would like to hear any tips from those who have done this. Gloucester old spots look good dont they ? a proper pigs pig.
  2. There's only any proper money in pigs if you sell the finished product rather than the pig. But if you want them for yourself, crack on. Saddlebacks are also good if you want to make salamis, they have proper back fat.

    A good read is Starting with Pigs: A Beginners Guide by Andy Case.
  3. My other half used to do pigs.
    Would be willing to help with knowledge/advice if necessary.
    PM if you want.
  4. Thanks for replies so far, I wanted to eat them, and so does my mate, we both have families. Ive seen the cost of food rise, and obviously so
    does feed cost rise, but we have many windfall apples that go to waste. Dug a small veg plot this spring and got good results, and have chickens
    already. I got 1 and a quarter acres, which has gone to waste the past 20 years. I was astounded how nice home grown stuff tastes.
    So I am digging a really big plot this year and will manure it next week ready for the spring.

    I thought pigs are the next step.
  5. My lad keeps Tamworths. Bit of red tape with Animal Health and your local Environmental Health to start with. Fencing them in will be a pain unless you use an electric fence and even then they are beggars for shorting it out by rooting up clods of grass onto it - train them to come to the sound of a bucket of feed, makes capturing the beggars a lot easier ! Easy enough to work with after that.

    Mind that the current Rules and Regs prohibit using household scraps or kitchen waste of any kind.

    Sort out the abbatoir and butcher early as well. Our local abbatoir only does pigs on a Thursday ( Killed and dressed out, £26) but will deliver the carcases to the butcher/packing bloke. If you want an idea of prices google "Highland Drovers" who have a cutting and packing price - its not cheap - but for decent rare breed outdoor reared pork you can sell it at up to £14/kg. The boy sells all his to friends and around the village, with anything left going to the local pub who make a big deal of it as a "Special" sunday roast. Not counting anything for his labour - and mine - he made about £150 on each pig first time he sent some away, less the second time 'cos he messed up the weights and sent them too early.

    Good luck.
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  6. Pigs are a good animal to keep. Electric fence is the ONLY thing that keeps the buggers in though. Teach them early by training to the fence. Build a paddock of rylock fence with standoffs pointing inwards. Attatch the leccy fence to this using isolators. By doing it this way when the weaners start to go under the eclectric fence and they get a belt they will go in the direction their nose is pointing- into the rylock. They will then get a series of belts until they realise that they cannot get out and will then back away from the fence and always treat it with a great deal of respect. Failure to do this will teach the pigs that if they rush the fence they may get a belt but then they are through.

    If you ever have to inject a pig grab a back leg and pull it backwards: pig realises it is unstable and will stop struggling. Don’t bother trying to wrestle them to the ground, they will always win.

    I kill my own for my own use but if you wish to sell they must be killed in the slaughter house. Making ham, sausages and cured cuts is all dead easy. Having said that would you not be better making cider with the windfall apples? Easier to do and probably a better profit margin. Either way good luck.
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  7. I was gonna make a witty comment about my wife but I can't be arrsed.
  8. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Bro in law keeps them for his pub. All seems easy enough, keep the ******* down wind and don't put them on a field that is uphill from your house. He had a little incident when it rained heavily and ended up with liquid pig shit lapping at his front door.
  9. Sage advice Ravers.... no hills in the Fens .. plenty of liquid shit though !

    have ordered the Case pig book.
  10. ....and they'll enjoy it more than you will. BTW, a sqealing pig is VERY very NOISY. I've heard they can beat a jet engine for decibels.
  11. hold piglets by a back leg, they then shut up. A piece of advice; don’t try this with the big ones they just bite.
  12. Keep your chickens away from the pigs or they may disappear.
    No doubt not allowed now but my dad used to boil any dead piglets in the swill.
  13. The chickens or the Pigs Jarrod ??

    only being facetious.

    Im fast turning into a hillbilly without the hills ...
  14. I only want to fatten weaners Jarrod... Im not going into pig breeding.. it involves pushing your hand into sows bellies, and castrationing the boy pigs knackers off etc... not for me.. maybe in a few years time when the recession truly bites, and Im wearing dungarees and an oily baseball cap and going all narrow eyed at strangers...
  15. Naa, sows do it better without human help, unlike most other domestic animals. If you kill the pigs before they hit puberty at about five months you dont need to nip the knackers off.