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  1. Back in the days when pig boards were acceptable, the lads found a pic of the most gruesome manbeast and decided that it deserved pride of place at the top of the pig board.
    Only a few hours passed when the door of the crew room left it's hinges and a big mofo stormed in wielding the pic and screaming which fu**er put the pic of my sister on the effing pig board.
    A deafly silence fell on the crew room.
  2. It seem's a dam shame that pig boards are no longer acceptable, There wasn't a Plt's lines in days gone by when the pig board was the centre of attention and took pride of place for all to see, Even our CO {back then}
    would comment on his favourite Pig :!:

    Makes me wonder what happened to all the photos,
    I say bring back the pig boards its only harmless fun {Unless your a Pig :!: }

    :D :D
  3. Good grief! Is it politically unsound now? I do despair (I usually got the winner).
  4. Do we now call her Mrs Brudefeller?

  5. I will say this and then duck. If we do bring back the pig board then to be fare we should also reform the WRAC. :lol:
  6. I remember fondly the pig-board in the UK SATCOM Tp CP in BL. The chief beastess, who rightly in my opinion took pride of place, was the mother of one of the signallers. He took three mates home on R&R with him and offered them the FULLEST possible hospitality of the family home. They returned with fresh, new and sadly unpublishable phots...how different from the home life of our dear Queen?
  7. Still had one 2 years ago at my previous posting just kept it in the Singles accomodation and and put up signs of no ladies allowed on the entrance doors. All nearly went bad when we got a female troop Oc posted in who on an inspection started screaming blue murder because the lads had some FHM Cut outs on the wall apparently she found them offensive. That gave the rest of us time to hide the board and get back intime to listen to the OC having a caniption fit at one of the guys who had stuck an extract from a porn mag on his locker (Apparently it exploits females in the most base fashion) On the plus side she didn't do anymore inspections. :D :D :D

  8. God now that is sad,I can't belive she found FHM offensive.
    Even my mum reads FHM :!:

    Get out of the mans Army if you can't have a bit of fun,some people take things far too seriously :D
  9. We got the CSM in periodically to judge the latest additions-at one time I had number 1 and number 3 on the J troop roll of dishonour. My mate was disqualified because he only pinned her 'niks on the board and as they didn't smell then no estimate of ugliness could be made
  10. Bit like the grimmy run the matalos where having down Plymouth. The guy who though he had picked the winner was surprised when she says to him.
    I know what your doing!
    Your having a Grimmy Run, arn't ya ?
    Uhm Yes
    Guess what, so are we and I've won.
  11. We could have a pig board on arrse.com please please pritty please
  12. Its called the Gallery 8O :lol:
  13. you should be allowed to put what you like on the walls of your accom, its where you live. blx to her
  14. Remember winning the number one spot when our board was judge by the troop OC as mine had her tatoo spelt wrong :)
  15. Somewhere out there is a female RMP full screw with the tattoo around her belly button "Mad in Enland"...oh how silly she was to let her ESN storeman boyfriend do that after several sherberts...patroitism? Stupidity!