Pietersen not selected for Indian Tour

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by slipperman, Sep 12, 2012.

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  1. Just announced on the BBC, Pietersen will not be in the test squad to India this autumn. Personally, I am pleased with the decision. Good as he is, Pietersen will always be self-centred and more trouble than he is worth. His track record at his previous clubs; Natal, Notts and Hampshire is evidence of his self interest working against the team.
    In my opinion, he should not be selected for England again. Any thoughts?
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  2. Yep agree with you I wonder if he was sober when he sent the imfamous texts .
  3. So the best player in the squad,gets dumped,because he offended,the sensibilities of,some of the other players,most of whom didn't want him in the squad in the first place,because he was embarassingly good,yup that sounds about right,for the British Cricket Team Selectors.

    But TBH,I'm not going to lose sleep over the decision anyway,life goes on! 8)