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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by RoyalWelsh7023, Dec 30, 2009.

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  1. Anybody else think he a c*nt? :x

    Posh arrogant twat....

    Just needed to get it off my chest. :twisted:
  2. I'm afraid I go with Stephen Fry when he noted that a new definition of "countryside" would be the murder of Piers Morgan.
  3. One of those faces you'd never tire of hitting.

  4. No - you're right.

    I just happened to flick through the channels after dinner and see .5 secs of him.

    I just want him to die of cancer of the rectum, slowly, and in a pool of his own detritus - with no dignity and abandoned by all his 'celebrity' mates. This is the sort of 'reality' TV I would gladly pay to watch. And I am not a bad person, I'm actually the sort of PC LibDem scrote many here despise - but please God let me see Piers die a horrible and lingering death in full colour and sound.

    Festive greetings

  5. A very detailed and well put together paragraph of hate.

    Seasons greetings my good man :D
  6. FFS, Man - get off the damn fence and tell us how you feel! :lol:
  7. He's a journo and you're not - therefore it's perfectly natural to think he's a c*nt
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong but he is no longer a journolist.

    He is a vile creature who has plagued the british television screens for far too long now.

    A talentless waster who has caught a lucky streak and is milking it to the best of his ability. (Which to be fair you have to admire)

    Althought it does not alter the fact I think he is a c*nt :)
  9. I'm afraid he's in my "fantasy-absolutely-positively-must-fill-a-mass-grave" list!
  10. "Independant" newspaper 2 July 2009....

    "Amanda Holden has revealed Prince Harry has a low opinion of her fellow Britain's Got Talent judge Piers Morgan.

    When the celebrity and the royal met after a comedy gala night to celebrate the Prince of Wales' 60th birthday, the third in line to the throne reportedly asked her: "Is Piers Morgan really a prat?"

    Well said, Sir.... absolutely... agree.... allegedly.... :p
  11. He's also a fraudster, who lost his job as editor of the Daily Mirror through insider dealing.
    Just after the Mirror printed some pretty unsavoury (and completely fabricated) stories about the Army.
    Which that talentless, cosseted, public school pr*ck gave the all-clear to print.
  12. Anyone called Piers is going to be a cnut
  13. Yes he's a c"nt