Piers Morgan sparks terror alert

A little gem about ARRSE's favourite former editor.

From PA newswire.......

HSA7875 28 Oct 15:06 1 SHOWBIZ Morgan
By Anita Singh, Showbusiness Editor, PA News
Piers Morgan sparked panic among This Morning viewers today when he
claimed al Qaida is about to stage a terrorist spectacular.
The former Daily Mirror editor, who is standing in for Phillip Schofield,
didn't realise his comments were being broadcast live on air.
Morgan and co-presenter Fern Britton were filmed during an ad break for
Trisha, the show which precedes This Morning on ITV1.
The pair were supposed to tell viewers what was coming up in the
Instead Morgan was seen declaring that al Qaida planned a terrorist
attack to disrupt the US presidential election.
"I tell you what, I would brace yourselves for something in the next few
days," he warned.
Britton asked: "Why?" and Morgan replied: "I just think that al Qaida,
with an election, I think they have been waiting for the election."
At that point a producer informed them, via their earpieces, that they
were live on air.
A startled Morgan had time to utter: "Good morning! On today's show..."
before time ran out and viewers were taken back to Trisha.
When This Morning began 15 minutes later, the embarrassed duo apologised
for Morgan's outburst.
"I want to put everyone's minds at rest, we had a live television slip-up
earlier where we usually do our promotion for the show and it goes out
live, as a lot of you saw, and we didn't realise we were live," Britton
"Don't panic, nothing is about to happen."
Morgan explained: "We were getting quite political and I was expressing
that there had been a CIA report yesterday that was leaked, that they were
worried about a terrorist attack in America before the US election.
"I don't know anything, so if any of you are worried that I have any
inside information about any terrorist attack, I don't. I hope that clears
that up. We were just having a little private conversation.
"It's nothing new, there have been loads of rumours and speculation but
I'm sure nothing will happen."
Britton told viewers: "That's something that you don't have to be a spy
to understand, that possibly with an election coming up something may
Morgan, who left the Mirror in May after publishing faked photographs of
British soldiers abusing an Iraqi prisoner, said he was not privy to inside
He quipped: "Trust me, nobody tells me anything any more."
Morgan has presented the daytime show for the last three days while
regular host Phillip Schofield is on holiday.
Tomorrow he will be replaced by Sir Cliff Richard.
Does he need photos?
This is quite funny too - from the Grauniad...

Piers goes undercover with underwear
Piers Morgan, currently sitting in for silver Phil on This Morning, caused
a security scare live on air earlier today. Typically unable to keep his
mouth shut, the former Mirror editor was sounding off about the CIA to Fern
and friends, unaware that the cameras were still rolling and his half-baked
conspiracy theories were going out live to the nation. Fern was forced to
transmit a po-faced apology, stressing to distressed viewers that Morgan
was not party to sensitive security information and was merely shooting the
breeze between items. Begs the question: who the hell thinks Morgan is a
spy? Especially when one of his items this morning began with this: "Coming
up next: big bras. Double Js? No need to wear ugly underwear ever again."
Monkey could tell he used all his powers of concentration to restrain
himself from making a sarcastic remark as Fern fingered yet another outsize frilly number. He'll never make the grade.
Forces_Sweetheart said:
This is quite funny too - from the Grauniad...

Monkey could tell he used all his powers of concentration to restrain
himself from making a sarcastic remark as Fern fingered yet another outsize frilly number.
Knowing his propensity to slam his foot in it he was probably about to say something like "it won't fit dear you'd better off with two buckets a and a length of sturdy rope"
:wink: :lol:
I'd like to gut shoot the sniveling piece of scum with a 12 bore.

PS - I've had a few too many celebratory beers over Arafat's ill health so feel free to moderate this.

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