Piers Morgan in the sh1t? (again)

Forces favourite Piers Morgan appears to be in the shite again. Six years ago two of his journo's on the Daily Mirror tried to manipulate share prices and both of them have been found guilty. In court evidence emerged that Morgan was apparently "guilty of lying" to the DTI investigation over his involvement in the scam. His interview was given under oath so he's potentially in the brown stuff for having perverted the enquiry. Now there's a surprise. Merry Christmas Piers.
Follow the link for the full story:-

One can only hope that the unscrupulous, self interested git goes down for this. And, given that civilians lost money (as opposed to soldiers losing lives), over his editorial policy, I would hope the chances of this cankerous piece of claggage doing time at Her Majestyus' pleasure are very high indeed!

For those of you who dislike the 'Sun' newspaper, please remember to reserve a special level of contempt for the tabloid which, in sptie of being a sychophantic TCB supporter, tried increase sales by falsely accusing QLR soldiers of prisoner abuse, without bothering to verify the veracity of the story. You should, at the very least, hold it in the same contempt as the Sun!
You should, at the very least, hold it in the same contempt as the Sun!
Oh, I do, EG. Along with the rest of the fourth estate.
Saw him on Question Time - what a sactimonious self-righteous little turd.
Why should we have to listen to his bloody opinion?

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