Piers Morgan has a New Job at a London Newspaper!

Imagine my horror when I opened the London Evening Standard tonight and discovered that that spineless liar Piers Morgan is now one of their star journalists 8O

Not only does he get a full page spread but this is one of the (thankfully) short article he offers

"So, Prince William, pictured above, says he will rebuff any attempt to shelter him from the front line if he joins the Army.

I imagine Tony Blair might have had one of his little heart tremours on hearing that, don't you? It must be the ultimate nightmarefor our celebrity obsessed Prime Minister to face the prospect of the elder son of the 'Peoples's Princess' being killed or wounded in action, fighting one of our dodgey wars for George W Bush.

Spin your way out of that one Tony"

When will Morgan ever grow up ??

Sorry no link to story but newspaper can be found at http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/

or express your views to the Editor editor@thisislondon.co.uk
I often travel through London late on and read the Standar, or as it is now used to read the standard, just my way of telling Morgan he is a lowlife cnut aswell as a liar.
I take it the "fighting dodgey wars" line is an attempt to not be hated by the majority of the military!!
I have sent my views to the Editor,

The more the merrier in my view, for me my views were quite mild, sharp and to the Point and factual :)
I read the Evening Standard on the commute home from London every night...

Imagine my delight when like Hootch above I turned the page to find that Piers Morgan now has a column.

What a fantastic addition he will be to those other sterling columnists in the ES...

Yasmin Alibhai Brown (Without a doubt the person I detest the most in the media, she manages to sneak the fact that she gave back her OBE into her column every week ) and Amanda Platell (A close 3rd behind Piers)

Who's next? Peter Mandelson or Carol Caplin gets a column to really make the misery complete?
If you are writing to the editor you need to be clear about the fact that his new columnist will prevent you from buying it. A rant about how annoying it is will merely earn Morgan a pay rise!

I think he is also writing a book about Arsenal, too.


Kit Reviewer

Even had the Rant Selector set to 'Safe' 8O
I lost all respect (not a lot to start with8O) i had for him when he refused to appologise for the pictures he published which tarred the british armies reputation.....

i hope he meets an exserviceman on one of the tubes and gets a smack in the chops for the pleasure.:twisted:

agent smith
Just sent the following:


I am writing to you to register my utter disgust in the fact that you have decided to employ Piers Morgan as a columnist. Mr Morgan severely damaged the reputation of the British Army whilst working for the Daily Mirror and at the same time, placed the lives of all British Serviceman and women in greater danger than they were already in. In response to your decision to employ Mr Morgan, I shall no longer be buying a copy of the Standard. I feel you may find my decision will be replicated by all serving, ex-serving readers and a great majority of staff at MoD who also read your newspaper.


The man is beneath contempt.
The Evening Standard would do well to revise their decision to employ his services. I will certainly boycott the paper until they dismiss him.
Did the promised £100,000 cheque to the Army Benevolent Fund from the Mirror's profits from the hoax abuse pictures ever show up or was that just a hoax too? (it hadn't arrived by September).
Morgan on the other hand reportedly recieved a £1.5 million payoff after being sacked as Editor of the Daily Mirror.
One can only estimate how many lads have died or been injured as a result of Morgan's traitorous behaviour. He should be in prison.

Jeannie, you are going mad again. I shall leave this venom here for all to see. I see you are attempting to go down the 'look at me everyone, Im barking mad' route again.

Face up to facts that your real personality, that of BB, is not liked on this site. You may have tried very hard to fit in as several other users but the truth has outed you. You will not be tollerated.

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