So Pierre the Frenchman is married to Marie, who is heavily pregnant. The only trouble is that right around the time she is due to pop the sprog Pierre has to go up to Paris on business. Under obscure French law, the baby must be named by the closest male relative present, and it looks very likely that it's going to be Gaston, Pierre's idiot brother.
Sure enough, while he's up in the big city the call comes through that Marie is in labour, so Pierre rushes back to try and get there before the baby is born. When he gets to the hospital, Gaston comes out to meet him with a baby in his arms.
"Allo Pierre, you are zee lucky, lucky man! You ave zee beautiful baby dau - ter!"
"Zat eez wonderful, Gaston. But Gaston, what did you call mah lovely baby dau -ter?"
" Ah call her Denise"
Pierre is much relieved. " Zat eez a beautiful name Gaston"
"And Pierre" continues Gaston" You are zee lucky, lucky, lucky man! You also ave zee beautiful baby son!"
"Oh zat is super Gaston! And what did you call zee son?"
"Ah called him De Nephew !"
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