Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by lukeash, May 27, 2005.

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  1. Hi,just wondering if anyone could help me, iv got my ears stretched to about an inch,when i take them out they will only shrink to about the thickness of a finger,would i still be able to join the army like this?

  2. Shouldn't have deformed yourself should you?

  3. It depends on the width to length ratio. You need to take a tape measure and measure from your lower lobe to your middle index finger, then measure from your inside leg to your small toe. Add both measurements together, then times that by how may ears you have, if this total is below 30, you can still join up.
  4. What on earth you talking about?
  5. Unlikely, try joining a Zulu warrior tribe instead, you may need to get your balls pierced for them but its well worth it
  6. You some fecking eco warrior or what?
  7. Detachable ears. Original. I'd liked a pair myself. Does it cost much?
  8. Get your arrse cheeks pierced together like Steve-o from Jack ass.
    That would be really clever!!!
  9. No you wouldn,t. Not because of the piercings but due to the fact you are a cnut.
  10. Fick off we dont want your sort.... and the NAFFI does not sell the Guardian.

    Soap dodger
  11. The way you are tourturing the English language and killing the poor comma i suggest you'd be better off going back to school.

    A word of warning though if you do join up with your freaky cnut like ears ears. If you are lucky you'll spend the next few years being called Gollum or Yoda or Mr Spok. More likely though is that you'll get called Cl1t Ears or Cnut Head because your ears look like a Polish Porn Stars flaps.
  12. If you dont mind me asking Luke, why did you do it?

    As a solution, I would suggest that you cut your ears off, shave your head and eyebrows, and change your name to Nicki.
    Theres good money to be made as a celebrity looky-likey. :roll: