So what constitutes a pie?

I'm fucking adamant that a pie is not a pie unless it has a pastry case and a lid. The Mrs says it only needs a lid to be a pie.

Such stuff is fucking fighting talk.

So whats a pie and whats not a pie?
A lid is fine you feckin dinosaur! Think 'Pie of Kings' = Fray Bentos!


I have to agree with Biscuits AB

Fuck me agreeing with a Mod, if i ever like a post by Forastero , dont fuck about, just shoot me please!
I'm always disappointed if a pie doesn't haven case, it's just not right. It's like a burger with only the top bit of bread.
Pizza pie doesn't have a lid.
A lid is fine you feckin dinosaur! Think 'Pie of Kings' = Fray Bentos!
What was that white stuff in Fray Bentos pies that didn't quite deserve the description of pastry? Just underneath the crusty and dried out [read burnt] lid? Were those nasty Argentinians at it even back then or was my mother truly a shit cook?
One is a 'cased pie' the other a 'lidded pie', that was what I was taught anyway.

The things that aren't really a pie IMO is the ones with a bit of beef/horse slurry ladled into a dish and with a pre-formed 'lid' baked on a tray and then whacked on top. A favourite of motorway services and grotty chain pubs.
An its got to have meat in it ~

Just being controversial ~ tis the beer talking.......
Yeah, because an apple pie is a type of carrot
Creampie has both case and lid. :)

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