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Pie in the sky? Or a real possibility?

HighPressureHose said:
Anyone on here who's tapped into the T&D side of life know if there's a cat in hells chance we may get with the times and look at this for Lynx Crewman?

As with everything these days, it will boil down to a statement of user requirement.

How many incident signals or now DFSOR have been submitted for crewman facial injuries? If none have been submitted, there isn’t a case to look at procuring new kit - not to say that there are an amazingly good idea and would make life as a Lx/212 crewman much easier/safer.

There is also the ongoing work to replace the 4B4L helmet being done by the AEA PT, has any requirement be passed onto them?

The current climate of defence spending and procurement is producing officers and SNCO's who are forced write well about what they require

- is this really what we need?
- is it to the detriment of their primary employment?

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