Pie eating - gingsters champ?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by ex-dvr, Oct 11, 2003.

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  1. Bolllocks, could only manage 17. I'll try later after England thrash the yids and I'm well bevvied up.
  2. 16 bites! :D
  3. ...and I can eat 50 hard boiled eggs. :wink:
  4. Yeah but they're supposed to be put in your mouth, not stuffed up your arrse
  5. I tried o get near only to find Flasheart had eaten all the pies and also betrayed all the women that work in the pie shop :D
  6. 19, how the fcuk can you do that in 15? Or am I just really stupid?
  7. You're not stupid.

    It takes a little thinking about, and it isn't a natural thing to get right. What you have to do is start at one side and take half bites, to avoid the long sharp edges. Once you've gone down one side and left a roughly even edge, you do the same again, until you're left with one side which is roughly square-ish, and the bits fit in the circle.

    It really is easy as pie to get sixteen, but with a bit of practice you will easy get fifteen, I even reckon it might be possible to get fourteen, but I can't be arrsed... :p
  8. The voice of an experienced pie muncher
  9. Fcking right, I should be on the stage as I can make a fcking elephant pie disappear, David Copperfield? Waanker :D