Pie eating artisan A Mech Mess Dress for sale.

Discussion in 'REME' started by dirtmonkey, Aug 8, 2012.

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  1. Gents 1 x full set of Mess Dress for sale:

    Trs 38'' waist, 32 inside leg with decent hem.
    Waist Coat will fit Fat bloke or can be tailored for thin bloke!
    Jacket same detail as waist coat
    Size 11 Patent George Boots
    1 or 2 Golf ball shirts collar size 18''

    Only woren once or twice as i replaced old set about 1 year ago, its in good nick, If your a B mech or tech, im sure you could cut a flap in the trs for your Fa**ny!

    Reccy Mechs / A mechs its good to go, i think ive even got Staffy Tapes / Sgt Tape buckshee that i'll through in.

    Open to sensible offers pse PM me.

  2. Typical jock!
  3. Spot on :)
  4. With a 38" waist you'd be better off organising some life cover, not flogging kit on the internet.

    Obesity is not a dirty word.
  5. I am puzzled by the short inside leg and hobbit like feet.

    6 toes?