Pie and a pint in Dublin

OK Arrsers
I'm off to Dublin before Christmas for 5 days (and nights)
Can anyone recommend any good eating establishments and somewhere to go for a decent pint of the blackstuff.
I will not have time to do the brewery, distllery stuff, I just want an evening meal and a pint after work. Bear in mind I will be with about 6 other people who I have never met!
Over to you.......


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Mulligans on Poolbeg Street is a bit of an iconic bar centrally.

Also the Chatham Lounge on Chatham Street (known locally as Nearys bar) half way up Grafton Street on the right.

Nearby, across Grafton, is Davy Byrnes ie. half way up on the left.

Food is a bit more hit and miss in my experience.

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