Pie-age heaven

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by MaddAussie, Oct 25, 2009.

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  1. OMG so there I was my first full weekend in Oxford, wandering around rubbernecking like a tourist when I happened across a pie shop in the covered market, I wasnt quite hungry at the time so noted location and wandered some more. When the pangs of hunger started to err pang I headed back there and asked the pie vendor for one of her finest (along with mushy peas, mash and gravy) and I think I may have fallen in love it was one of the best pies ive had in a long time. Luckily its not at all close to work otherwise I may end-up a really fat bastard

    Picture below **warning drooling might occur**


    Eagle eyed views may note the can of Ginger Beer(sorry Jarrod it was of the drinking variety!) which was another happy find of the wander

    Now it wasnt quite a pie-floater but my god it came close!
  2. Humph, Oxford pies. Muahahahahahahahaahahah


    Get yourself ooop north lad that's where all proper Pies & Puds come from.


    Hollands Pies.

    I'll let anyone have 15 minutes with me 21 yr old daughter who overnight FedExs a meat pie to Canuckistan. :) 8O
  3. agreed.
  4. My whole family detest kidney but this weekend I bought myself some steak and kidney and a packet of suet so tomorrow (Monday) I'm going to make myself a steak and kidney pudd. I'm afraid it wont be cylindrical like we all know a good s&k pudd should be but it'll be my little bit of pie (pudd) heaven. I can also eat it with impunity because my youthful waistline went..... well, with my youth!

    Drool on!

  5. Humphh, Twin foot long farm style boerie rolls, lovingly smothered with fruit chutney = DIVINE...\
    None of that sissy sit down eating here ;)
  6. As a northerner, its in the blood to love pies, at home, at work, at the footy, so imagine the shock horror, when a new season at blackburn rovers arrived and the traditional hollands pie had been replaced by a pukka pie, nothing short of outrage. needless to say the next season they reverted back to hollands pies and harmony was once again achieved. moral of the story. NEVER FUCK WITH A NORTHENERS PIE
  7. My bruvver, who has been a Southern softie for more years than I can remember, always makes a bee-line for the local shop selling Hollands pies and buys bags of them - meat & potato, Lancashire meat pies and steak & kidney.

    Pies to die for.

    I went to a Wigan (spit!!) RBL recently to give a talk at lunchtime and the food was a selection of pies. My God, I had five, (yup, that's right, five) - I've got to say I really was in Pie Heaven.

    Only problem was it was Wigan*

    *forever hated since taking Southport's place in the League back in 1979
  8. they arnt called pie heads for nothing
  9. At one of the Lancashire Rugby League grounds (I can't remember which one) they used to do hot pork pies with mushy peas. The only time I've ever eaten Melton Mowbray's finest hot.
  10. MaddAussie - That pie looks lush!! I went for pie and mash the other week and the onion gravy was to die for!!!! Would eat it again just for that! we have a pub in our town that specialise in pies and local ciders and ales!! mmm mmm mmmmm- they serve their pies just like your pic!

    Recommend a visit to anyone in the area!
  11. Pie and mash with onion gravy? It's pie and mash with liquor you higgorant little marn you!
  12. You can not get a decent pie south of Newark.
  13. Just try it!! Sounds wrong but so good!!!
  14. Sorry but its a toss up between Melton's finest and a good scotch pie made by the baker on Paisley road west (Glasgow for all you southerners).
  15. For an absolutely outstanding pie maker, try Burbush's. They are sold in Tebay Services Farm Shop on the M6.

    The Chicken and Ham pie is solid meat, best pie I have had in a long time.