Does anyone know how to print off the PIDs from JPA that show the individuals name next to that PID. I have managed to print off one report but it only shows you the PID and Trade? Cheers
Off the top of my head ;

JPA (not reporting) -> Unit MI manager -> Organisation by position. Then export to excel and text to columns, hey presto.

It's certainly in unit MI anyway even if its not organisation by position. Have a look and play in there :>
Alternatively, log in as HR Admin, go to pay and personnel. F11, Ctrl F11 to bring up the entire unit, then export to excel. JPA position codes are one of the fields.

Once in excel you can delete the stuff you don't need and arrange to your hearts content.

Just to clarify PIDs are different to JPA position codes, even though people seem to confuse the two.

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