Pidgeon shooting in the woods

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by gorilla, Aug 26, 2011.

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  1. The woods near me are full of pidgeon, just plump for shooting with my .22 air rifle. The problem is the clearance, the woods do not belong to anyone, so do i need to seek clearance from the council to shoot there. Obviousley i will carry the rifle in a gun slip, unloaded when not shooting.

    Many thanks
  2. The woods will belong to someone. To PIGEON shoot you will need authority from the land owner or you risk being done for armed trespass.
  3. Agreed, in England everywhere belongs to someone, if it's not an individual or a company it's the Local Authority or the Crown Estate.
  4. Why would you want to kill pigeons in a nearby wood?

    Are you mental?

    Leave the little critters alone. Unless they owe you money.
  5. For a better pigeon shooting experience, I recommend Trafalgar square. It's a target rich environment, and they're not shy.

    If the Old Bill rock up complaining, just say "Smudge from the internet said it was ok"
  6. They're wood pigeons and taste quite nice.
  7. Wooden pigeons? Would you not get splinters?

  8. try here to help find out who owns the land:

    I have some really good recipes for pigeon (and squirrel if you manage to bag any of them too) so PM me if you have any joy...

    You would also be better off with a No 6 in a 12 bore than a .22 air rifle - pigeons are tougher than they look and might take a bit more than a diddy pellet to make them drop, but you can always have a crack at it and see how you get on...
  9. Not any more, a Harris hawk flies around most mornings and they all re group in St James' Park
  10. I think he's already dead. What do you want to go shooting him for, you sociopath you?

  11. 1. There is no shortage of them.

    2. They are vermin.

    3. They are delicious.
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  12. Oh, that's alright then.