Yes you may laugh but I don't know what a PID is. I get the impression it would be helpful if I did! :)

Thanks in advance.

its your job spec and place where you should be doing it..........
per ident ?
not far off
It's your unique job number for your establishment manning table -the 8005. For example your Coy, Sqn, Bty establishment of say 103 pax will be split down into roles, from OC down to clerk and a 6 figure (off the top of my head) number given to it - your PID.

Just realised I'm being serious and all grown up. To that end - tongue my date.
I thought it was pelvic inflammatory disease.

Too warm for a coat, I'll just leave ...
I just love ARRSE - in 10 replies we have three versions of what a PID is - take your pick - Per Indent, Postion ID or Personal Identification no-one!!! Just goes to prove that every ****** has an opinion on here and most of them are wrong!


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Aaargh! My pet hate: "I can't remember my PIN number." "Do you write down your PIN number?"

It's PI Number, you stupid Twat. Bugs me every time I hear it.
OS, have you been at the caffeinated stuff already?

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