Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by RECRUIT_G, Oct 27, 2006.

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  1. Quick question

    Do any 3 PWRR lads who were on the last fibua weekend at CD know where that photographer was from and where you can get copies of the photos??
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Why not ask them, rather than post and hope.... ?


  3. You mean that FIBUA weekend that I couldn't go on because my stabilisers came off my bike?

    Normally I'd say the Coy photographer was me, but meh...

    If the bloke was a Fullscrew medic then I think I know who it'd be.
  4. Full Screw medic from D Coy?
  5. If you mean the photogrpaher who also did the photos of the medals presentation with Richard Holmes, he was a civvy photographer as he was wearing full civvy waterproofs and walking boots.

    In terms of IDing him i don't have the foggiest. Try your PSI or one of the DS on the weekend.
  6. It was the same bloke that insisted on sticking the camera in my face and standing in the spot on the river bank where I was trying to get out on Prowling Tiger.

    Never seen the pictures from that weekend either. Battalion journal (whenever that comes out) perhaps?
  7. I'll ask C-Coy 2ic this Wednesday. I'm pretty sure he'll know - if not the OC probably knows.

    Talking of which, I've still got to get the AC photos...
  8. Hey, i was one of the RLC lads on that weekend, thanks for a top weekend boys.
  9. yeah I was with the royal sigs thanks to PWRR for a brilliant weekend.

  10. He would have been too busy stagging on the burger wagon :D to take pictures.
  11. No problem!

    Thanks to your standing patrols giving us something to do all night instead of simply getting no sleep in our OP! 8O

    *edited for mong speeling
  12. What was the PWRR opinion of having the RLC and R Sigs tagging along, did we help or hinder?

    When the RLC have done this before the RLC instructors were themselves taught the day before on train the trainer days, so the quality of tuition was very poor, it was good to learn from someone who actually knows what they are doing.

    I am due to be mobilised to Iraq so it was exceptionally beneficial for me!

    When you boys find out where the pictures can be found can you post it on here so we can take a gander!
  13. Woody, the medic you are thinking of is only a lance jack ;)

    Worms, I thought it was interesting having you guys along, hopefully you learnt something about what the PBI do 8)
  14. True but deserves a slagging anyway.The signallers I saw were enemy
    and pretty good.The rlc who were with us were ok .One or two have to work on basic weapons skills I have to say I'm afraid.

  15. If I'm able to get hold of them, I'll post up a message saying they're available. For obvious reasons I won't be putting up any pictures, so I'll ask for people to PM me their e-mail addresses. If there are any pictures which are particularly "ooh shit the public/Mohammed Al'Qaeda better not see this" then I might ask for some ArmyNet ( ID...

    I should have an answer to the question by Thursday providing the 2ic and/or OC are in this week :wink:

    As for the Fullscrew Medic - the one I'm thinking of is B-Coy. Haven't seen him since Op Tenby Tiger though...