Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by RM5, Apr 7, 2013.

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  1. RM5

    RM5 Swinger

    Can I put my pictures from the Army onto Facebook?
  2. MATT 6 refers.
  3. Only if they are of you sucking/wanking the rest of your section off. Probably.
  4. Why?
    Do you want to impress your mates/friends/everyone that your rambo?
  5. RM5

    RM5 Swinger

    Hhaha who doesn't?

    My family wanted to see me and it's the only way I can show them without spending money
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  6. RM5

    RM5 Swinger

  7. At what stage of training are you?
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  8. RM5

    RM5 Swinger

    6th week
  9. Oh dear !
  10. RM5

    RM5 Swinger

    Alright so I can't put them on. Any reason for that?
  11. Do whatever the fuck you want.

    Just don't get caught :)
  12. Well lets thinks............ Personal Security, Potential for bringing the army into disrepute, Photos of restricted things for starters