Discussion in 'ARRSEpedia' started by armourer, Aug 14, 2005.

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  1. How do I put pictures into the pages ?

    For instance how would I put this pic in the Pistol No2 page ?

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  2. armourer - it couldn't be easier, you just type the url into the edit page.

    Have a look at your own and you will see I've copied the pic across. Suggest you go to edit and cut and paste out to wherever you actually want it &/or tart up the text because it's not really worthy of arrsepedia as it stands ;)


    Also, if you look at the recent changes page you will see that I've included a note of what I've done.
  3. Thanks.

    So I need to post the pic's to the web then link from there. Is imageshack a good pic host to use or do you know of a better pic host ?
  4. I would suggest Photo Bucket, but there is nothing wrong with Image Shack - whichever you find most convenient.

  5. I use imageshack for my pictures and I used it the other day to post a pic in one of the forums. The pic appeared for several days but now all I see is the code, anyone know why?