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Anyone know of a good website with some military orientated videoclips/pictures, serious or funny with which i can jazz up future presentations?
Thanks, Paddy. Just watched

and nearly had a heart attack. There but for the grace of God ... used to have some really grim videos available for nothing but has recently gone subscription-only. Still, if your credit card can take it ... By the way, don't watch their demo video if you are at all squeamish. Site is clearly run by a bunch of freaks.

See also

its the only one for me. Most pictures are in the "strictly phots & video" thread...funny old thing !

I recomend the women in your armed forces part !
Can anyone point me in the right direction........?

There used to be a link somewhere on Aarse to a movie clip taken from ground level of a target being designated for an AC-130 strike.....

Can't seem to find it anywhere.........
Try the following web sites Matey."
But be prepared they show the graphic truth of whats out there" Not for the Squeamish!! :twisted: (Various clips of military mayhem, just trawl through and find) (Very Graphic footage from the Vietnam War to current Beheadings in Iraq ) ( Fun clips mainly American footage sent in by the troops in Theatre ) (General pics and lots of info from the British army web site )

Hope this helps Mate :D
Just a quick note, i've left some more web info on PPT Presentations and where to get Gucci web clips, go to Powerpoint clips on the main page forum and go to page 3, the info is there for all to share..Enjoy BROMHEAD :lol:

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