Pictures to make you think

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by FunkyNewBlood, Jan 5, 2005.

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  1. Life magazine features 100 photographs that changed the world. I haven't had a chance to look through them all but some of them are pretty powerful. With all that is happening around the world, we should reflect on what has already happened.
  2. How thought provoking are they ? quality link Thanks
  3. nice story behind some of them. Take for example the one with the VC suspect about to be executed in the street.

    That one picture was in large part responsible for changing the opinion of the US public from backing to opposing the war.

    The real bad thing about it was that the guy who took it, never meant it to be used like that! He was a great freind of the guy holding the gun (who was a south vietnamese police chief dealing with anti VC activity in his area).

    true what they say!

    A picture tells 1000 wordds

    agent smith
  4. [​IMG]

    “words are never enough . . . words do not exist to make us see, or know, or feel what it is like, what actually happens"

    that say's so much for me......
  5. either that guy has huge Kahona's or he hasnt been to specsavers 8O

    agent smith
  6. Glad some people out there appreciate this thread.

    I know I am being stooopid but how do you attach a picture like above?
  7. i have to say having seen this thread i have got to thinking.

    in this day of video and instant imagery from current war zones, it is still the Photo that is more emotive, and more powerful. the photograph catches a single moment in time, it cannot be replayed or dulled down, that single click would have captured a certain point in an emotion that is indescribable, and un-disputable. they capture the fear of a person and the Brave acts that may have gone unnoticed...

    yes I know it is sad but i had a look to try and find a few pics on the internet.
    and I know people harp on about it, but hundreds of thousands sat and watched at home the atrocities of 9/11, but still the photo wins out

    In only this last week the pictures coming from the Earthquake have had a phenomenal impacted.
  8. Gawd....

    Great pics.

    I saw this thread yesterday and assumed that the pictures to make me think would involve drowned Indian Ocean Islanders, so I skipped past it.
  9. To post a picture do the following.

    find the pic you want to post then right click on it and chose "copy image location" (if you have it, some browsers do, some dont)

    Then come back to your post a reply section and click the IMG button (this will open an image quote) paste the image link (the one that you copied) and then press the IMG button again (this will close the image quote)

    press preview to check it is working properly. If it isnt, try making sure that the img quotes (which look like [​IMG] ) are at either side of the image location and that nothing else is in the road.

    If your browser (most likely internet explorer) does not have the "copy image location" button then do the following

    Right click on the image and chose image properties. A tab should come up with all the image details, including the image location. You shoul then highlight this and copy it, then insert as stated above between two quotes.

    good luck

    agent smith
  10. Cheers Agent Smith. I was a biff, but now I can see the light!

  11. go on then, show us you can do it. 8)

    agent smith
  12. Agent Smith?

  13. this is better