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As a voluntary worker for SSAFA my job is to tell people who we are, what we are and what we can do to help. Just a mouth piece in fact.

Having just expanded my role I am seeking pictures which have a bearing on the history of SSAFA from its inception in 1885 right up to the present.

All I need is a picture on line, I will download, print, photograph and end up with a 35mm slide. I have the photographic equipment, 35 mm projector, portsable screen, everything I need in fact except enough pictures to produce an interesting programme.

On the back burner is an idea of using the show as a fund raiser as well as for information.

Any suitable pictures please, or advice from others who have experience in this field. All very welcome.

Any use (under the title This will interest you)?


Thanks for an interesting post rockape, and thanks for the pm. Sorry for the delay in getting back, I am having computer trouble and this will in fact be my third attempt at this post.

The sort of pictures I am after is of scenes where SSAFA could have been involved.

I once saw a picture of a sailing ship leaving port, taking a regiment to a foreign posting and leaving behind wives and children in tears on the quay side; they were being left destitute. It was this sort of scene which encouraged then Major, later Colonel Sir James Gildea in 1885 to raise money for those families left behind, and that was the start of SSAFA.

SSAFA started a nursing service in 1892. I would like to get a picture of a nursing sister of that time.

1898. Clothing Branch formed to proide clothing for families arriving bck poverty stricken from overseas postings.

Back ground stuff to illustrate how things have changed and how SSAFA has been there to help all along the way.

Any help appreciated.

How about a picture of me with a client?

On a more serious note, we've got a photo album in our office so I'll dig it out and see if there's anything of interest in there for you. I'm there on Tuesday so will give it the once over, we've got minutes from 1950 something so I'm sure there'll be something there.


Thank you J.D. That is very kind of you.

I have taken on particular responsibility for sheltered housing in my locality, and aim at getting peopl together in their community lounges and giving what I hope will be an interesting talk for say twenty minutes. To keep their attention I will use 35 mm colour slides projected on to a screen. Tea an wads being provided.

Although a lot of them are ancient they will not of course equate with the 19th century stuff, but it is there to give a quick background, and I have an excellent photo of WW2 evacuee's, and yes, SSAFA was there, sorting out the little perishers - that is one they can equate with.

I am of course receiving terrific encouragement from my SSAFA branch, but it is down to me to get a presentation together, and that is where I appeal for help..

Once having put the stuff together I will gladly make it available for others to use if they wish.


jack-daniels said:
Send a PM to OldBaldy, he's the chairman of his SSAFA region, he may have something.

Thank for the promotion Jack. :roll:
I'm Div Sec of my area, I get to do some work for SSAFA and not just go to cocktail parties. :wink:

There must be some photos rolling round Central Office that could be put to use.
The pictures from New & Views spring to mind.


Thanks for the post oldbaldy. I have emailed by branch office for permission to get in touch with London HQ, and by extension other SSAFA people outside my division, so plese may I take a rain check until I get clearance, which I am sure will be no problem, but it seemed the right thing to do.

A trip to London to go through old photos or records might be necesary, not easy as I am disabled, but will always find a way if necessary.


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