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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jammy137, Aug 28, 2012.

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  1. Just a quick query about pictures of yourself on your own FaceBook in uniform. Is it allowed? yay or nay?

    Just from reading a previous thread and someone talking about it, as though it was not allowed - yet I've seen it happen a few times.

    I'm aware I may get some abuse for it, but as long as I get a sensible answer SOMEWHERE that's fine :)

    (Mods - stuck this in 'military clothing & boots' 'cos it was images of clothing but feel free to move it if I've been a bit silly)
  2. Why would you put pictures of yourself in uniform on facebook?
  3. Agreed. However I dont believe you can be stopped from big timing it in uniform pictures but you are strongly discorouged not to do it even without he blatant security risk to yourself and more so your family when you leave them and head away on ops ex or something you just look like a big timing twat, well that's my thoughts so I stand by for incoming.
  4. Fair cop! thanks for the input, I just thought about the 'wearing uniform with pride' sort of thing, but I just figured I'd be sensible and ask the question.

    Hadn't thought about the security risk, so thanks for that!
  5. Wear the uniform with pride, yes, when on duty, but posting your picture all over the place and telling everyone you are in the army puts your family and yourself at risk, as CD05 says. Lessons learnt during the days when those Irish fellas were upset. Now those days are apparently over, it seems that those lessons have been unlearnt even though we are at war and have terrorist cells in the UK of the enemy we are fighting.
  6. Thank you very much for not biting my head off! :woot:
  7. It's only early. There's plenty of time for that.
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  8. Unless you're from NI or Scottish and so retarded you think that going out with a girl from hardcore Republican estates in Belfast and telling all her neighbours what you do for a living is a good idea then do what the fuck you want.

    If anyone was that desperate to find a squaddie to kidnap and do painful things to they'd hang round outside the camp gates at knock off time and follow one, not trawl several hundred million Faceache accounts looking for one with a uniform in the profile pic.
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  9. Hmm, there was me thinking that the threat from paddy had reduced, but the threat from Islamic nutters had gone up. I also must have forgotten we haven't been involved in two wars in the last ten years that have given islamic nutters an excuse to do things such as the events of the 7th of July 2005.

    So ignoring the fact that there are mosques all over the country spouting anti British crap and would be more then happy to take out the family of a soldier as well as the soldier, you think its a good idea to make it easier to help these people along by posting pictures of yourself in uniform all over the Internet?

    So, crack on, post pictures of yourself in uniform all over the internet and let everyone know what you do. Lets hope the family stay safe.
  10. most of the people i know in the forces have a picture of them somewhere on facebook of them in uniform, either posted by themselves or added by someone else who has then tagged them. what most seem to do though is set their privacy settings so that only people who are their friends on fb can see their pictures (think the profile picture is still in the public domain though so you might not want to have a uniform one there).

    you can even set these settings so that different people see different things so you could limit pictures to just your close friends and family.
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  11. Surely, you are only accepting invitations or inviting people you actually know and perhaps work with? , making sure your detailed profile is "private" (and thus not available to be viewed generally, from folks outside your circle) being sensible about what info you actually post and unless you accept & trust/know the person you have been invited to link with, surely gets you through most or all of that? It's not fool proof (hacking, viruses, etc.) but it is a start, anything discussed should be carefully thought about too... general warry swinging the lantern, pull up a sandbag type banter is fine... but Persec and Opsec should always be a priority.

    A couple of Fots or an album of old warry fots for the benefit of former colleagues isn't going to hurt


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  12. Well, personally I wouldn't put anything on Facebook, because it has a habit of being hacked into. As they say, if you don't want things spread all over the Internet, don't put it anywhere on the internet, even supposedly secure sites such as a locked down faceshite account.
  13. H3

    H3 LE

    Prey tell how a single photo on Facebook can give your home address location away ?? ... Plus if you look closely at Facebook the MOD have allready posted Regiments who are on tour , folks can then keep up with audio blogs and group photos , simply allows folk to keep up with what's going on ..... It's called Social media ;0) , same thing as a Paper with photos of squaddies !!!!

    Technology surely scares some folk :0)
  14. to be fair you can never be too careful

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  15. If you are REME. and wear a maroon lid and a gong, you will end up on ARRSE being mocked by wearers of Berets Non Ferocious :)
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