pictures in signutare block



Evenin/morning, whatever it is.

does anyone know of a way to get gif pictures into the signature block at the bottom of posts? ive got one saved on my harddrive (in 'my pictures' )

Can it be done?

As with most piccys when attaching to threads etc you need a to go onto google and find a free image site and upload your piccy there

When you go into your signature block copy the info stuff in there (top block)

and viola it should be done


Hmm, cheers sabre, cant get it to work though,just comes up as a link.

oh well, think ill give up, it was funny when i found it, the novelty is wearing off now ive sat here for god knows how long trying to get the bugger to work!!!!
OK i have found the problem



Excellent, cheers sabre, its not dancing now though so ill have to trawl t'internet for some suitable nudey ladey ones after work! :wink:

talking of work, christ on a bike! its gettin past my bedtime!! 8O

once again, cheers, i know how to do it now
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