Pictures for Poppy Appeal

The following email from "Mr Pin", creator of the Sgt Slingsby Pin and much Poppy Appeal stuff.

I'v already posted in the Military History Forum ... I'm trying to get a bit of extra coverage, as November isn't far away.

I am after a favour from your ARRSE cohorts... I need reasonably high res pictures of military personnel "in action" (from all 3 Services) from as many conflicts as possible... i.e. Iraq 2, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Bosnia, Gulf War 1, East Timor, the various other African theatre and any other place HM Forces have been deployed in War/Peacekeeping Ops since WW2... also any old pics from 1st & 2nd WW and any good pictures of painting of historical battles etc..

These are going to be used for the Jersey Poppy Appeal to show the service of British Forces up to the present day... any photos would be gratefully received. Ideally the photos need to be at least 1600x1200 pixels but bigger is better!
This is a wide-ranging request for any good ACTION PHOTOS you might have to assist the Jersey Poppy Appeal. I'd guess there may be some good stuff out on the Web, but I doubt it would offer the resolution required. However, those of you who understand that sort of thing will know, I'm sure.

Any assistance you good folks can provide would be appreciated ...

Whatever you can offer, please send by email to ...

Many thanks,


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