Pictures and Videos on military ranges.

Have been told no videos, and only pictures showing no landmarks.

Is this correct? if so why? seriously just why? everything is on google maps and google earth

and areas where rusted tanks, and paper targets are left to rot are hardly the big military objectives in an attack now are they.
Can't you just do what you're told?
Dragstrip said:
Can't you just do what you're told?
That comment sums up why the military is always on the wrong end of the sensible decision: Promote blind obedience and then wonder why when officers reach one star rank they are (normally) incapable of considered informed judgement.
Sounds OTT on the face of it, but RIRA have NOT gone away - Feb 2002, waterbottle IED at Magilligan blinded a Range-Warden ?

Almost certainly deliberately placed at a particular landmark used by units as a "waterstop" on CFTs ?
Maybe it's because people can see where the range and firing points are and then walk round picking up brass or even the odd live round
do you remember the official picture of a jav missile being launched from a pinz ? and in the fore ground is a spotter with a mobile.

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