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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Hackett_Sapper, Dec 1, 2006.

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  1. alright.

    just wondering if there is a particular page where i can look at pictures and progress of my troop.

    im based at lichfield
    sapper, troop hacket , squardren 28
    section 4

    let me know where to look

  3. Why do you need pictures to see how the troop you're part of is doing?
  4. Learn to spell first Fcukwit...... :p
  5. Section 4??

    "The British Army is not a f*cking supermarket!"
  6. Jeeesus, hacket take this down to the Sapper forum instead of looking like a cock in front of the rest of the army.
  7. Oh dear, fell right into the lion's den didnt you!

    I doubt very much that there would be such a place. As you will no doubt be slowly learning, the military like to keep the lads 'hidden' as best as possible. It's easy to single out servicemen and for those servicemen to then be attacked outside of the camp perimeter.

    Your best bet would be to speak to your training NCOs, see if they have photos of the Troop as it progresses through training.

    There wont be an online website with pics for you (or civilians) to download directly (apart from the Army picture library, which for all intents and purposes is anonymous)

    Right. Now that's out of the way, get your ARRSE over to the Sapper forum, introduce yourself and find out a bit more about the Corps that you appear quite proud to be in.

    Oh, By the Way. No names, Addresses etc on the internet. Not unless you want some not-quite-English-speaking-bloke to come and turn you into their bitch....

    :) Expect plenty of mail from your now adoring fans on ARRSE.
  8. Better still march up to your SSM and ask him, good luck :D :D
  9. the army is really full of highly intelligant ppl..

    i aint in the army my little bro is and thats why im asking for information on how his squadren is goin on.

    section 4..supermarket??? wouldn't that be aisle 4..mind you probably get ur food and stuff bought for u now.?

  10. Are you one person or two?

    Read through what you have written previously, you (or both of you) look a right TW@T! (Pair of Tw@ts).

    Fatbadge tried explaining it to you nicely!

    You come back with a reply in kindergarten spelling, mocking the intelligence of the Army. Well Done You :roll:

    Go away, grow up and stop embarrasing yourself or your brother.

    No reply is required or expected!
  11. Just for you kn0bhead heres how you spell it;

    SQUADRON.........get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :roll:

    Learn to use the English language properly........
  13. Ask your brother you chav talking cnut. Your text speak burns my eyes. C0ck.
  14. No you didnt. You posted as 'Hackett Sapper' with all your post seemingly as that person therein..

    Tread lightly lest you wake the elders my friend.

    Let me rephrase, then answer your question. I would hate for you to leave feeling that nobody had answered you. So lets pretend for a minute:

    See the difference? You posted as yourself.. I then replied to you, not your brother.

    When you next speak to your Bro, mention that he may want to log in to his ARRSE account (I assume it's his) and repair the damage youve caused... :wink:

    In fact, dont bother, I'll phone his Section Commander on Monday... get him to pass on the message. You managed to compromise his Persec enough. If you dont know what Persec is, I suggest you read through the forum rules before posting in future.