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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by RE-DSO, Nov 3, 2009.

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  1. I'm trying to find a digital picture of a bridge in Bosnia. It was built in 1995 ish. Built after the original bridge had 1 span dropped in the gap and the approach tunnel had an attempt at collapsing it but failed. THe site was a bit of a shit as you exited the tunnel and the bridge was built on te curve of the road. Far bank party had a couple of hour drive to get to the far bank.

    Anyone help me?
  2. if i recall the picture is siting on the wall in the Svy dept (or was) at Chatham. I know the one and shall browse now...tried google image with RE Bridge bosnia in??
  3. Was it the one they put in, to take the place of the one that was blown up in Mostar?

    I might have a snap of it somewhere, assuming its that one.
  4. There was a pic of the Mabey Jonson bridge I built on the wall in the BEW. Bob King must of passed the pic on to them. I don't remember it being near Mostar but I could be mistaken. I know we stayed at the 7 RHA camp just down the road from the site. And boy did they not want dirty Engrs on their camp
  5. Was it the Bijella (not sure of spelling) Bridge over the Neretva river, Mostar?

    I might have a few snaps of it (well the gap where the bridge should have been!) taken on a recce during Grapple 3 1993 if thats any good. I will have to dig them out the loft at the weekend and have a look.
  6. British to build lifeline bridge for Bosnia: UN negotiates with Muslim and Croat armies to allow safe construction by Royal Engineers

    Wednesday, 3 November 1993 The Independent

    ROYAL Engineers at their headquarters in Long Marston, Warwickshire yesterday rehearsed building a new bridge for central Bosnia.

    The bridge will be thrown across the destroyed spans of the old bridge over the Bijela river in central Bosnia, one of two which carry the Mostar road, the only all- weather route into Sarajevo.

    The bridge is due to begin its five-day journey to Bosnia on Monday.

    But it could be weeks before commando-trained Army Engineer divers plunge into the icy waters at the confluence of the Bijela and Neretva rivers to see if the piers can take the weight of the new bridge and traffic, and the new year before the vital road can again carry heavy vehicles.

    The rehearsal marks the first real progress towards securing and reopening the crucial supply route, demanded in the Independent's campaign launched on 26 July.

    Last week, as the plan began to take shape, there was more bad news. Local ceasefires remained fragile, and a second bridge 800 metres (870yd) to the north-west and previously intact, known as 'Son of Bijela', was blown up two weeks ago, creating an even more formidable gap.

    French engineers from Konjic, to the north, have been trying to reach the second bridge, but have so far failed. The United Nations has asked the Slovaks for an engineer unit to repair the second bridge, but the Slovaks have not so far responded.

    The Bijela bridge lies north-west of Mostar, at the junction of two steep gorges, in the Spanish UN sector. Yesterday another Spanish patrol pushed up the road between the warring Bosnian Croat HVO and mainly Muslim Bosnian BiH armies which, according to British soldiers who have accompanied them on previous patrols, face each other from the 500-metre heights on either side of the Neretva.

    Negotiations continue between the UN and the opposing sides. On 15 October an agreement that UN forces would be able to carry out the complex operation unmolested was signed between the UN commander in Bosnia, Lieutenant-General Francis Briquemont , the HVO Chief of Staff, General Milovoj Petkovic and the BiH commander, General Rasim Delic. However, like all Bosnian agreements, it is unclear how far this can be enforced and General Briquemont visited the Spanish battalion at Medugorje on Thursday to pursue the matter further with HVO commanders.

    There is no clear evidence who was responsible for destroying the 'Son of Bijela' bridge, although there would appear to be no advantage to the BiH, which would like to see the road to Sarajevo opened.

    Free access up the Mostar road, a good-quality motor route, remains top priority for General Briquemont, who commands the UN Protection Force (Unprofor) in Bosnia, and the British Brigadier Robin Searby, who is responsible for all Unprofor's re-supply and logistics. But even if the physical damage to the otherwise excellent road can be repaired, fighting between the BiH and HVO could still close it, as frequently happens on the other route to the north-west - the mountain road through Lipa, Prozor and Gornji Vakuf.
  7. That's the baby. Anyone got a decent pic from either ground level or from up on high.

    IIRC the reporter that came and did that report was well fit, and the blokes took no time in telling her as well
  8. That's the one!

    Funny story really, we (me and Sgt Stevie Hxxxxx 11Fd Sqn) did the recce in October 93 on Grapple 3. We had only just arrived in theatre and we were taken to the bridge site by SPANBAT (it was in their AOR) in one of their wheeled APC's. The Spanish were flapping like good-uns when we came under small arms incoming but they never fired back despite having the worlds biggest machine gun on their vehicles, I don't think they were as good as interpreting rules of engagement as BRITBAT (I believe they had taken quite a few casualties in the area in the recent weeks). Anyway the funny bit of the tale is we did a few measurements and then I took some photos with the only camera we had with us which happened to be my happy snapper. At the time we didn't know the significance of the bridge and we hadn't taken the camera along for the recce as our brief was just to do a quick feasibility assessment. Most of the photos were the usual squaddy poses with the destroyed bridge in the background, me sticking 'bunny ears' up behind Spanish OC etc - you get the picture. Anyway on our return we got a flash message that General Briquemont urgently wanted to see the photos taken by this 'recce team' (ha!). The film was duly dispatched and I believe that the issue was so important they ended up in UN HQ in New York. I still smile to think of the UN Secretary General being briefed by some 4 star general with my happy snaps! Anyway we never did build the bridge, I think they put it in the too difficult box and built it when the situation was a bit more stable.
  9. We had a lovely time there. No shooting or anything nasty. Bridge went in fairly smoothly. Apart from the SSM turning up late with th ready mix. Well not late as such, he got lost and it had started to go off. So a quick slump test was carried out and then we dumped it over the side. Apart from that all went well
  10. When was it finally built then? As I said we recce'd it on Grapple 3 when there was no way it could have been built and I don't think it had been built when we went back on Grapple 5 in 1995 but not sure.
  11. I think you are meaning the one over the Vrbanje going up towards Banja Luka but out on the Mountain route that goes through Kotor Varos and Podbrde, eventually bringing you back into Central Bosnia over the Vlasic and down to Travnik, this route used to be treacherous going in Winter, or could that have been a Dutch Engineer built bridge?!
  12. Good video that, I never got to build a bridge on ops. Feel like Ive missed out.
  13. We (20 Sqn) were in Angola in 95 and then went to Bosnia the following year. Not sure what time of year but we weren't there for winter that I remember. I did the first tour in 92(?) and that was bloody cold. Spent a bit of time in Vitez living in a 9x9.
  14. I'm pretty sure that's the bridge on Route Gull. Might have a few snaps, will check tomorrow.

    RE-DSO - Angola! I remember drunken wall diving onto the water filled pillow tanks at the wine factory and Wolfie teaching the kids at Catumbela to sing 'who ate all the pies' to baroness chalker, among many other long distant memories. :D