Picture Thread - WWII

Thought I would start a thread for display and discussion of WWII photos.

Any thoughts on splitting the thread by nation, unit type or whatever else?

I will be adding on a regular basis but as a starter for 10 here is a random selection

Excellent photos, keep them coming. As an aside, how come the German Landsers always appear to be quite lightly loaded in terms of kit? It seems that modern soldiers carry far more, even when down to 'fighting order.'

The quality of some of these is amazing, they look like they were taken last week not 60 odd years ago.

There are some great photos here already, but I for one would really appreciate some info with the photos. Year, place, unit (if possible) and so on. It would really make this a lot more interesting and useful.

Now to set you a challenge. Find me some decent photos of the Guards Armoured Division 1944-1945, motorised infantry units if possible, but I'll settle for whatever you can find.

There are a few interesting ones on Flickr.

Sorry TT, the only info I have is the filename which you can see by right clicking on the image for example.

I was rather hoping the combined wisdom of ARRSE would be able to identify and provide information on them. The majority of the ones above are US and Canadian in Normandy

The image seems comic, yet the purpose was deadly: men of the Royal Engineers in Italy were taught the vital skill of probing blind, in darkness, for enemy mines which would blow them to fragments if they made a false move.

The Germans became expert at making and laying wooden mines which metal detectors could not identify. In every attack, engineers were among the unsung heroes, clearing paths through minefields in advance of the infantry and tanks.

Many men paid with their lives for a moment's carelessness.

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