Picture of the Queen

Can anyone recommend a place where I can get a picture of HM the Queen, suitable for display in an Officers' Mess?

buy one and send it to bucks with a letter and liz should sign it.

worked when i was at cadets.
probably couldn't afford on of them in the mess LOL
Any sources for the old 1950's portrait of her wearing a blue cloak? its quite a familiar one but not easy to find anymore
Seem to remember messes being entitled to pictures of Liz and Phil through the system depending of the size of the mess in question. Eg a very large mess membership can warrant a large colour print signed personnaly by HM whereas a smaller mess might only get a copied signature. The G4 chain might be a place to look and save you money.
There must be a few kicking about from all those messes that folded up over the years, I know of one senior jock who has a lot of pictures of HRH on his walls.
Mind you most folk in the UK carry a picture in their wallet.

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