PICTURE of the day: Capturing the beauty of Helmand

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by UKForcesAfghanistan, Sep 7, 2010.

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  1. Deceivingly beautiful. Almost makes me want to go there on holiday.
    It's a beautiful country in places from what I've seen. Is anyone allowed to take a DSLR on Tours and take pictures, or do you need permission?
  2. Tim - you can take a DSLR, but obviously apply common sense when & where you do/don't use it.

    The other night I was able to watch the night sky from a C130 flight deck over the Helmand desert and was blown away by just how many stars you could see from up there, with no ground light pollution to speak of. Similarly, when you get out east and into the foothills of the hindu kush then you see a totally different nation, full of rivers, forests and hills. Its a strange place, but very photogenic.
  3. There's loads of light polution from camp bastion, you can see it from 20 miles away lighting Helmand up.
  4. I've got some crackers. And yes, you'd think that you could go there on holidays... even the ones that are blatently martial (ie from the back of Chinooks, etc)

    Very nice place, and once I believe very touristy (was on the hippy route to India during the 60's if our brief was to beleived) in fact I recall the original Taliban wanted to encourage tourism as a source of income when they took control. Didn't stop alot of archilogical and other treasures being destroyed mind.

    Shame about the fighting really (that would be the arrseholes and ISAF).

    I used a 8 year old 4 mp with 4 x optical zoom and a reasonably newish (about 18 months at the time) 9mp with 10 x optical zoom. I'll see what I can find and post.