Picture of Man nicking Poppy Tin

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by SkyMistress, Nov 14, 2007.

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  1. scum like this should be slotted and thrown in the canal along with the useless plods who could nt be bothered to turn up ,,,, you could nt make it up
  2. Scumbag :x

    Is this vision of Britain that Glorious Leader Brown had in mind?
  3. Typical of the kind of scum this country is allowing to breed at the moment and the thief is ten times as bad. I just hope any Ex-serving/TA/Serving in Rochdale happen along this piece of shit and he gets his just desserts ie:- broken fingers/arms/lessons in respect etc.

  4. Well done to the shop keeper Mr Singh for following this through and also donating £100 to the poppy appeal to cover any loss. Disgustng attitude from the local police, hopefully now GMP HQ are involved the Scumbag will be caught.
  5. Indeed much respect to Mr Singh for making the donation in the circumstances. I ran the local appeal last year and was impressed by the enthusiasm shown and the funds collected by Asian shopkeepers.

    On another angle my mate is running the Poppy Appeal this year for an area in West London. I was out for a few beers with him last Friday and he told me plod had been in touch earlier that day saying that two collection tins had been lifted from different airport hotels on the Bath Rd by Heathrow.

    They had already been down and collected the cctv from both locations and recognised the bloke 'wot dun it'. Apparently he is a serial offender and is currently answering bail from another offence. He was next due to report early the following morning and they wanted to nick him as he turned up. Because of this they needed a statement from my mate to say when and where he had placed the collection tins.

    They came down the pub that same night and took it over a beer. They rang him the following afternoon to say the bloke had been lifted.

    Seems the Good News Stories are not good enough for the BBC these days.

    As my mate is also the Delegate I think the response of GMP in this matter should be debated by the organisation at annual conference 2008 and a strongly worded letter issued if that is the common will.
  6. #
    Huge amount of respect to this newsagent.
    I so want to be in the front when punishment is dealt out to this scum.....pass me two bricks so I may sandwich his fecking bags between them.