Picture Faker named

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by error_unknown, Oct 12, 2004.

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  1. Hang him high, the little b*stard

  2. Needs a stiff talking too, probably without coffee

  3. Let him go, it was a silly prank which backfired

  1. From todays' Torygraph:

  2. I bet even he didn't realise the repercussions of this stupid prank when he did it. But surely anyone would realise in the light of day, you just wouldn't try to palm the photo's off as real to the gutter press.

    Foolish boy. He deserves the legal kicking that he is going to get. Let's just hope it serves as a lesson for anyone else with such immature tendencies to think twice before making up such an immense lie.

  3. oh well when he gets out of colchester at least he will be able to polish boots moron
  4. Considering the shi*storm he brought down on the vast majority of decent soldiers doing their job in crap conditions, the fatherless little scrote should be polishing boots with his lying tongue. Preferably while suspended from a fork-lift truck. Or dangling by the ankles from the rear of a four-tonner.
  5. Na he should be sentenced one night in 3 Para Mortars Block. You would amazed what they can do with a size ten Flip Flop & SWAFEGA :twisted:
  6. is that from experience? :wink:
  7. Na, just the sacrifce we sent down the stairs :twisted: poor man he was never the same
  8. Ahem...

    "I sentence you to sell bacon sarnies outside the mosque at chucking out time." :roll: :roll: :roll:
  9. this T%$T should be taken round the corner for a bloody good kicking! Not only is he giving TA a bad rep, which may in the part be true, but all the guys i ever worked witht were top, and usually better than most of the reg's kicking around .......But he is putting our lives in even more danger , if the rags decide to retaliate by doing something even more stupid than normal! Also it gives the lefties something else to whine about, I may not have wanted to go, but i did, and i did the job i was told told to do, so the last thing i need is to get home and find out half the country does'nt even support me, and what i'm doing there!!! Silly little C%$T...I'll give a kicking!!
  10. Those who enjoyed the recent "capital punishment" debate will know what a mild and forgiving type I am, but Pte MacKenzie should feel the full force of the Army's wrath. He endangered the lives of soldiers, brought shame to his regiment and tarred the reputation of every British citizen.

    His sentence (see, even even-handed little me is condemning him before his trial starts) will likely be no more than 6 months in MCTC before discharge and there he will receive resettlement training to ensure his employability on release.

    But I, for one, will not forget his name.

  11. Of course they were. The odd bit of weekend training versus full time training?? Well done cot death.
  12. It appears that this wretch worked for McDonalds, but is now employed by the Inland Revenue. Hanging's too good for him.
  13. the inland revenue obviously saw his potential as a sneaky backstabbing c*nt , with no mates , he should fit right in. :wink:
  14. Whatever we would like to do with him, their is every chance he'll just be discharged.
    He's probably done most of his handiwork outside of TA time and therefore outside of military law.
  15. Sentence;- 1st. option, piano wire + goolies!