Pics of your motorbikes and souped up cars in here

Super Trooper has a valid point you know - i.e fcuking do one you boy racing cnut. There's no such thing as a serious post in the NAAFI, as you have demonstrated by showing pictures of your chav-mobile.
Arai said:
cheers for that super trooper - be a good kid and delete your fckin stupid post now theres a good boy - this is sposed to be a serious(ish) thread

what does the fukcin village do for a idiot when your on arrse?

I can see you in your RSM's intray, legs akimbo with your fcking burberry hat on. The RSM steps forward and delivers you a pace stick straight into your breakfast sack.
Take your chav postings onto the Men and Motors channel you boring dullard

Is that yer mum advertising her grinner in that council estate brothel window in your picture of your chav mobile? :roll:

Ive edited aswell because I dont want to be associated with being so friggin mean. That'll teach me for not reading others posts before posting.

I want the 'bird' picture of the old women for a friend though.
Who owns that fcuking awful neon detailed pearlescent Pukegeot that lives outside the Gym at Warminster?

Fcuk, that is chav-tastic.
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