pickled eggs

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by guzzler, Jan 11, 2012.

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  1. I have just pickled some duck eggs how long before they are ready for eating
  2. never....never ever EVER you revolting individual!!!! <shudder>
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  3. Why would you pickle ducks eggs? In fact, why would you pickle any egg?

    I like pickled onions, piccallily, gherkins et all, but eggs are ******* minging.
  4. you could eat them the next day, they would have a delicate flavour.

    Leave in fridge for a month and they would be strong.

    Most commercial pickled eggs are pickled in a very strong vinegar solution.

    when you do your own, make it half vinegar half water and a spoon of sugar.

    eat within a week.
  5. Pickling food is a way of having them available in the lorry
  6. Aren't you supposed to be on a staple diet of ginsters slices, and yorkie bars?
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  7. But have you seen what that diet does to your size. Also not easily available on the continent
  8. ten days for commercial vinegar, a month for sarsons pickling vinegar. Best served with colmans ENGLISH mustard and a sprinkling a salt.
  9. A month it is sarsons pickling used with dried chillies added cheers
  10. A pickled Yorkie bar would be truly minging IMHO...

  11. **** ME....I hope you're in that cab alone!!!!!!! Eggs, chillies and pickling vinegar??
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  12. Not to forget the red wine and strong cheese when in France. The early aroma of raw sewage
  13. Why do all the recipes say to boil the vinegar? Do you have to do this.
  14. Jarrod, I don't think pickled eggs are the best idea in the world for a man of your, ahem...preferences to be partaking in.

    You'd end up with an arse like a Jap flag that's been used to mop up a pint of bisto!
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  15. Do not boil the vinegar, merely warm it along with the chillies and pickling spices. Leave the eggs until they develop a brown leathery exterior.