Picking Your Regiment?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Chris1994, Feb 22, 2010.

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  1. Hey im wondering what tips people have for picking the right regiment .

    are they all preety much the same just the location that matters?

    any info please

  2. if you think they all look the same why dont you just pick any then...
  3. To you they might look the same,but i can assure you they are not !

    You will soon find out,when the boys get wind of your post !

    Where do you cometh from ?
  4. East midlands and i was looking at the royal anglians(most local) im just wondering what factors you decide your regiment?
  5. Royal Anglians are full up i hear,what about the mercian regiment or even one of the Guards Regiments or even the Para's !
  6. does it matter what infatry role your going for light role, armoured, air assualt ecr..?
  7. Yes, it does. What role you pick (Light role or mechanized) will decide where you go. For example.. I want Royal Welsh, if I pick light role then I will go to Chester, if I pick mechanized I will go to Tidworth *Cringe*

    Your best bet would be to pick a regiment that appeals to you and decide what sort of infantry man you want to be, if you are all about being on foot then Light role is for you, if you want to be taken to your "objective" in a armoured vehicle then mechanized is for you (Though both will undoubtly end up on foot at some point)

    Not sure if you have used this or not yet but it helped me chose what regiment I wanted (Role was never a concern, it's light role or bust for me)

    Infantry regiments
  8. Yeah light role appeals to me more and mercian being quite close wellish i surpose is a good thing, what mercians regt like, anyone?
  9. Armoured Infantry is still an awesome role. The RIFLES are always looking for good quality people and have the added advantage of having 3 Bns in the Lt, 1 in special (3 Cdo) and 1 in the Armoured.
  10. Always looking for quality people (like everyone else), but packed to buggery already.
  11. Can you straight join the rifles because i though it was specialy for sharpshooters?
  12. Speechless...
    Here we go.
    The Rifles are an infantry regiment, and the largest one to boot. Rather packed to buggery at the moment though with a lot of demand via their broad connections, but if you want in - crack on.